Rabu, 5 Mac 2014

How We Can Support Breastfeeding?

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August in more than 170 countries to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. It commemorates the Innocenti Declaration made by WHO and UNICEF policy-makers in August 1990 to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is the best way to provide newborns with the nutrients they need. WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding until a baby is six months old, and continued breastfeeding with the addition of nutritious complementary foods for up to two years or beyond.
For World Breastfeeding Week the World Health Organisation (WHO) has some fantastic graphics showing how we can support breastfeeding, as mum’s, dad’s, families, friends and employers.




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